Case Law and Legislation on Homelessness

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Many thousands of cases involving homeless clients, providers, or issues have appeared in state and national courts. And while the number of pieces of legislation that have become homeless law are far fewer, there are still thousands of documents to consider.

While a lawyer may analyze legislation and/or case law based on process, outcomes, legal arguments, etc., another type of analysis would be to analyze patterns in the texts, rather than as legal arguments.

The legal datasets included in this project are voluminous. The same basic guidelines apply for legal data — besides the topic of homelessness, we focus on counties within 50 states and D.C., within the last 20 years.

The legal data described here is different from data on politicians, which is referenced elsewhere. The legal data include case law from various datasets, including, primarily, official Congressional databases, Westlaw, and Google Legal scholar. Here’s a more-complete listing of our legal documents on homelessness,

  • Top 4,000 federal cases on homelessness
  • Proposed and passed bills on homelessness from U.S. Congress: 77,000 files
  • Congressional committee meetings on homelessness
  • Congressional record coverage of homelessness
  • We have also collected several collections of specific types of bills,
    • Completed legislation on homelessness
    • Youth homeless bills
    • Homeless funding bills
    • Adult and family homeless bills